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How do I set up a redirect for my channel?

Fullscreen does not partner additional channels for redirectional purposes. If you are interested in applying for a vanity URL (which is a type of redirect that is subject to YouTube's approval), please see the info below:

Partners interested in applying for a vanity URL will need to provide justification.


• Other social media handles identical or very similar to the vanity URL you are requesting.
• Official company letterhead or other branded materials related to requested vanity URL.
• Trademark document
• Website domain
• Other (provide as convincing a justification as possible).

Click on the Submit a Request link below and reply with two or more of the requested items above to demonstrate why you should be approved for a vanity URL. We will then forward to YouTube and reply when we hear back.

*As a note in advance, YouTube is known to be very selective in approving vanity URL's, but we'll submit your request. 

Example request:

My current channel is

I'd like the vanity URL of

Links where I use that name (the one I'd like as a vanity):

*Add more if you have them.



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