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Find a collaborator using the Creator Directory

Community is a huge part of YouTube, and well-executed collabs are a proven way boost channel growth. But finding others to connect and collaborate with isn’t always easy. Fortunately, Fullscreen's Creator Directory helps you do just this—connect with similar content creators based on a variety of filters, search for your favorite Fullscreeners, and private messaging to set up collaborations.

Recommended creators

When you first land on the Creators page, you'll see several creators recommended to you, displaying their expertise, location, reach (their total audience across all channels), and whether they’re available for hire or collaboration.


If any of the recommended creators stand out to you, follow them to keep up to date with their videos and status updates! Their activity will appear in your home feed.

Narrow down!

The initial recommendations you'll see on the Creator Directory page aren't always perfect. If you don’t see anyone interesting right off the bat, use the filters at the right to narrow down the playing field.

For example, say you wanted to find someone who’s available to collaborate, who lives within 25 miles of Los Angeles, who has a total audience reach of 100,000 to 500,000. Set those filters at right of the directory page, and you'll see creators who match those criteria.

In the results, you'll also see how similar each creator is to you. It's better to collab with other creators who are similar to you, since it's more likely that their audiences will like your type of content.


You can also filter creators by their expertise, audience gender, and audience similarity (how similar other creators' audiences are to yours).

Search away!

You'll also see a search field at the top of the Creators page, which lets you search by name, handle, or biography information.


If you’re looking for collaborators who focus on Minecraft videos, you can search for that term, and you’ll be shown content creators that fit your needs.


Private messaging

Once you’ve found a creator you’d like to collab with, you can send them a private message to get the ball rolling—right from their profile (or by hovering over their name). Pitch them your amazing video idea! *Not all creators actively check their creator platform messages, so if a creator lists an email or some other type of preferred contact method in the About section of their channel, you can consider reaching out to them through that instead. 


Keep in mind that not every creator will be open to collabs. Make sure you’re looking out for the symbol—it's a sign that that creator is actively looking for collab partners.

Get going!

Now that you know what the Creator Directory can do for you, head over there and get started! Collaborating with others can have a big impact on your channel’s success!

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