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How can I get more views on my Influencer Plus video?

That's easy -- just promote your Influencer Plus video as you would promote any other video on your channel. Let your fans know you have a new video on Facebook or Twitter or wherever you usually interact. If you have a blog or Tumblr, you can mention it there. As a Fullscreen partner, using our Bulk Annotation app is a great way to tell your audience about an awesome new video you've published.

Good social media practices can help a lot in gaining additional views on a video. To help you out, here's an article from online creator Austin Nulls (YT channel TheNiveNulls) with 10 Social Media Tips for YouTubers.

Finally, we want to emphasize one thing you CANNOT do, which is buy views. Regardless of the promotional service you're using (AdWords, Facebook Ads, something else), you cannot use any type of paid promotion on your Influencer Plus videos.

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