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How do I participate in Influencer Plus campaigns?

There are 4 easy steps to getting involved in Influencer Plus:

1. Sign in to

Once logged in to, you'll find all the campaigns for which you're eligible. Each campaign is unique. They differ in size of budget, who/what's being promoted, the type of campaign, what platform it’s on, and the rate for which you’ll be paid. *Note that the sponsors of the campaign set the requirements to join, and available campaigns will vary based on those requirements.

2. Opt in to Campaigns That Are Right For You

From the campaigns page, click to view the campaign details of each. Every campaign consists of varying instructions, requirements and restrictions. Be sure to read all the instructions and make sure you can follow the deadline before committing to the campaign. To opt in to a campaign, click “I’m interested”.

3. Participate in Campaigns

To avoid unnecessary edits down the road, be sure to read and follow all instructions, requirements and restrictions. If you have any questions at all, message the campaign manager. Lastly, it’s important that you always submit your content on time!

4. Earn money from Influencer Plus campaigns:

You'll be paid your Influencer Plus money along your regular Fullscreen earnings at the end of the following month of the listed end date for the campaign (if the campaign's end date is May 2, you would receive payment for that campaign on June 30, as an example).

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