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What are the benefits of Influencer Plus?

There are a number of reasons to join an Influencer Plus campaign. Here are the biggest ones:

1. Earn More Money

Influencer Plus connects brand safe creators with blue-chip brands who pay to integrate their messaging or product into your content. Many creators earn thousands of extra dollars on Influencer Plus each month.

2. Participating is Quick & Easy

Once you've clicked "I'm interested" on a campaign and you receive a message that you are accepted, all you need to do is add a simple, then just follow the instructions for the campaign and submit your content by the required deadline. Message the campaign manager through the iplus app if you have any questions.

3. Get Brands' Attention

Influencer Plus is a great way to get noticed by major brands. Every Influencer Plus video or post that’s created is shared with the client who funded the campaign. Standout talents are often contacted about bigger sponsorships, which may include custom videos, cross-promotion with a branded channel or casting in a YouTube series. 

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