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When do I get paid?

Ad-based revenue

If you reached the $50 threshold, you will receive your payment around the 30th of the following month.

Example: Let's say you earned $72 in revenue in February. At the end of March, usually on the 30th, you will receive a payment of $72. Please keep in mind that Fullscreen is based in California (US Pacific time), so you may not see your payment until the following day, depending on the time zone in which you live.

To receive payments, make sure that you've linked your PayPal account within your Fullscreen payment settings.

Influencer Plus

Earnings from Influencer Plus campaigns that had an end date from the previous month will also be paid around the 30th, but may come through later in the day. Don't panic!

Example: If you earned $7 for a Influencer Plus campaign ending in June, you'll receive a payment of $7 around July 30th.

Refer a Friend

Bonuses for referring a friend are paid out the month following when your friend's channel is successfully partnered with Fullscreen (not when they applied).

Example: If the friend you referred gets fully partnered with Fullscreen in August, you'll receive the referral bonus around September 30th.

Please keep in mind that referring a channel to Fullscreen doesn't guarantee the channel will be able to partner with Fullscreen.

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