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Earnings Overview and Statements

At the top of your Earnings page, you can quickly view earnings from the last two months and estimated earnings for the current month.

Official Earnings: "Official Earnings" for the month means the amount YouTube has confirmed as your actual earnings near the end of the following month. And if your official earnings are over $50 for a given month, then payment will occur on the 30th of that following month. You official earnings is also referred to as your "outstanding balance" until the $50 threshold is reached.

Estimated Earnings: "Estimated/Est. Earnings" for the month means that YouTube has not yet confirmed your total and may still change slightly as a result. 

Under your earnings, you'll find your estimated earnings graph, showing you a visual representation of how much you're earning.

Anything in blue is part of the previous month, while anything in green is part of the current month. You can hover over each day to see that day's estimated earnings.

You can also view a daily breakdown of your earnings below the graph.


At the top of the Earnings page, you can view your past month's statements, which will show you your monthly earnings in chart and statement format.


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