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How can I see my earnings for Preroll Influencer Plus?

We have to track your earnings differently for a Preroll Influencer Plus campaign than we do with other types of campaigns. Unfortunately, the communication we have to arrange with YouTube means we cannot display your earnings in real time. That means you shouldn't see any earnings displayed in My Campaigns when you participate in a Preroll campaign (or you should ignore any earnings figures you do see).

When we coordinate with YouTube to deliver your messages as preroll ads, they track all the preroll views your channel delivers and we only see the results in a report they send us when the campaign ends. We then use this report to calculate what your channel is owed and we’ll email you an earnings report within a week of the campaign ending. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we hope to display these Preroll earnings more clearly in the future just like your regular Influencer Plus or YouTube ad revenue.

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