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What is an Influencer Plus Preroll Campaign?

Preroll Influencer Plus is just a different way of delivering the promotional message we ask you to make. For these campaigns, you simply record a 30-second stand-alone video following the campaign requirements and upload it as an unlisted video to your channel. Once you submit that 30-second video to the campaign, we review it and, if approved, we'll run it as a preroll ad before multiple videos across your channel. You'll be paid for the preroll views your channel delivers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: With preroll Influencer Plus, the End Date we give you is the deadline for submitting your 30-second video. The video will play later across your channel, after we've given it to YouTube. Once you submit a video to a preroll campaign, you must leave it up for the delivery period when we actually run it as a preroll ad. We will email you an end-of-campaign report when the video has finished running.

Payouts for preroll Influencer Plus campaigns occur at the end of the following month after the Influencer Plus prerolls stop running on your channel.

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