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When do I get paid for Influencer Plus campaigns?

YouTube In-video and Social Campaign Payments

In-video and social campaign earnings are paid out on the same day as regular earnings, usually on the 30th of the month following the campaign's original listed end date.

Example: If the original listed end date for a Influencer Plus campaign was March 5th, you would receive your payment around April 30th. Since standard Influencer Plus earnings are not lumped in with your regular ad earnings, they may arrive a bit later in the day. Don't panic! Also, please keep in mind that Fullscreen is based in California (US Pacific time), so you may not see your payment until the following day, depending on your time zone.

Preroll Campaign Payments

If you participated in a preroll campaign, your payment will be rolled into your YouTube ad revenue payment the month following it's completion. You'll receive an email from the Influencer Plus team which outlines how much you earned during the campaign.

While your preroll campaign is running, your day-to-day earnings may appear much lower than normal. Fullscreen is tracking your preroll earnings separately.

Note: At the current time, all Influencer Plus earnings are subject to a $1 threshold to trigger a payment.

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